Police Pursuit of Stolen Vehicle on 605 North Freeway in San Gabriel Valley

In a breaking news development, a police pursuit is currently underway on the 605 North Freeway in San Gabriel Valley, California. The pursuit began in East LA after a vehicle was reported stolen. The driver has been observed driving dangerously, including driving between traffic lanes. The pursuit has involved multiple freeways, with the current location being the 605 North Freeway in the carpool lane. The driver is currently traveling at approximately 48 mph.

Due to the erratic and dangerous driving behavior, there have been instances where the police have transitioned into tracking mode, following the vehicle from a helicopter. From the aerial view, it is difficult to see if there are any police vehicles with lights and sirens directly behind the pursued vehicle. The driver has been changing lanes, and it remains uncertain if they will attempt to exit the freeway. The pursuit is taking place during rush hour traffic, which is further limiting the driver’s ability to accelerate to high speeds.

Limited information is available regarding the identity of the driver. Initial reports suggest that the driver may be a woman, which is less common in police pursuits. The stolen nature of the vehicle adds complexity to identifying the individual being pursued. Law enforcement typically runs the license plate to gather information in such situations.

Author: CrimeDoor

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