Police Chief Slams District Attorney for Lenient Approach to Shocking Robbery Case

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In a dramatic turn of events, Livermore’s police chief, Jeramy Young, has unleashed a scathing critique against Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price’s office for what he deems as a lenient approach to a disturbing robbery case that has struck fear into the hearts of the local community. Young’s letter, dated July 6, boldly proclaims that the alleged crimes committed by 21-year-old defendant Colby Berry “shock the conscience” of Livermore residents.

According to Chief Young, one of the violent crimes involved a victim who was brutally beaten, requiring stitches to mend their wounds. Chief Young firmly believes that the circumstances surrounding this case call for the full application of sentence enhancements. Berry, who was on parole for a prior shooting and wearing a GPS ankle monitor, stands accused of targeting two women on May 21 while armed with a firearm.

Expressing his deep disappointment, Chief Young admitted that he has yet to receive a response from District Attorney Price regarding his concerns. The lack of communication has left Chief Young dissatisfied with the handling of what he considers an “egregious” case. While a spokesperson from the District Attorney’s Office confirmed that Price had been in direct communication with Chief Young, no further comments were provided.

Sentence enhancements, such as those Chief Young is seeking for firearms and prior offenses, could add significant years to Berry’s potential prison term if convicted. The use of enhancements has become a contentious issue during District Attorney Price’s eventful first year, marked by the implementation of a new approach that severely restricts their application and requires supervisory approval for their inclusion in new cases.

As a former civil rights attorney, Price campaigned on a progressive reform platform, vowing to combat “mass incarceration” and address racial disparities in the criminal justice system. However, a study conducted by the nonpartisan research institute, California Policy Lab, revealed that enhanced sentences affect approximately 70% of incarcerated individuals as of 2022, with men, Black, and American Indian people being disproportionately impacted.

Chief Young confessed that it is the shocking facts of this particular case that prompted him to write the letter. Going forward, his department will closely monitor the prosecution of violent cases involving firearms, ensuring they leave no stone unturned in representing the victims and protecting the community as they deem necessary.

This ongoing clash between Livermore’s police chief and Alameda County’s district attorney has cast a spotlight on a robbery case that has shaken the senses of the local community. As residents eagerly await the outcome, they are left wondering if justice will prevail or if the alleged perpetrator may slip through the cracks, leaving fear lingering in the streets of Livermore.

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