Police Chase Underway in Los Angeles County’s South Bay

An intense, hour-long police chase came to an end in Los Angeles County on Thursday afternoon, concluding with the arrest of a suspect who led officers on a high-speed pursuit in what is believed to be a carjacked Mercedes-Benz sedan. SkyFOX was overhead as the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) pursued the individual, who was seen flying what resembled a Senegalese or Rasta flag from the vehicle, although the motive for this gesture remains unclear.

During the chase, the suspect is suspected to have thrown a gun out of the window while driving along the 110 Freeway. A second gun was later recovered by LAPD officers. The individual is also believed to be connected to a robbery case, as stolen jewelry was reportedly found in his possession. The specific robbery with which he is associated has not been disclosed.

Remarkably, despite multiple close encounters between the suspect’s vehicle and unsuspecting commuters, no injuries were reported. The pursuit concluded when the suspect exited the car, performed a clumsy roll, and then surrendered to police.

Author: CrimeDoor

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