Philadelphia Pharmacy Looted by Armed Thieves Amid Citywide Unrest

Surveillance footage reveals a group of thieves using axes and hammers to loot a local pharmacy in Philadelphia during recent citywide disturbances. Released by the Philadelphia Police Department Northwest Detective Division, the video from September 26 is part of their efforts to identify those involved in the commercial property looting.

Fairmount Pharmacy, a local establishment, was targeted by the looters around 10:50 p.m. After breaking the front window and door, the group swiftly stole medications, amounting to an estimated loss and damages of $150,000. The footage shows the perpetrators quickly stuffing medicines into their pockets.

Gerald Volgraf, the owner of Fairmount Pharmacy, stated that the intruders were inside for less than two minutes, yet the damage was significant. In addition to the stolen medications, they took approximately $68 from the cash register and several prepackaged prescriptions.

Volgraf was alerted to the incident by his tenants residing above the pharmacy. He recounted, “When I got down here, the gates were ripped off, the store was a mess, there was a ton of debris, a ton of damage. There were medications missing.”

Despite the setback, Volgraf emphasized the pharmacy’s resilience and commitment to serving the community. “We opened at 9 o’clock this morning, and we’ll be open 9 o’clock tomorrow,” he affirmed.

This incident followed a two-night spate of looting in Philadelphia on September 26 and 27. Images captured from the events depict widespread damage to businesses, including a sports store with disarrayed merchandise, tech stores with overturned gadgets, and many establishments with shattered windows and damaged entrances.

Authorities reported over 50 arrests related to the lootings, including one individual previously out on bail for a significant murder case from the preceding year.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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