Person of Interest Detained in Fatal Shooting of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy

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Image Credit: Richard Vogel/AP

A person of interest has been detained in connection with the fatal shooting of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, according to law enforcement sources. The shooting, which occurred on Saturday night, is being described as an ambush. Deputy Clinkunbroomer was driving a patrol car when a gray Toyota Corolla pulled up alongside him at a red light outside the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station. After the Corolla drove away, a “Good Samaritan” found Deputy Clinkunbroomer unconscious in his vehicle and promptly alerted the station personnel. The deputy, who had been on duty, was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

During a press conference, Sheriff Robert Luna referred to the shooter as a “coward of cowards” for taking Deputy Clinkunbroomer’s life while he waited at a red light. Investigators are seeking information about the Corolla, described as a dark-colored sedan with a model year between 2006 and 2012. It is considered a “vehicle of interest” in the ongoing investigation. Additionally, a secondary vehicle captured in a widely circulated video is also of significant interest to authorities.

In an effort to gather more information, authorities have announced a $250,000 reward for any details leading to an arrest and conviction. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, and the public’s assistance in locating the vehicles and their occupants is requested.


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