Pennsylvania Adds More Police Offices to Manhunt for Escaped Murderer

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Image Credit: Jessica Griffin/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP

Pennsylvania authorities have deployed additional officers to intensify the manhunt for escaped prisoner Daniel Cavalcante, who was convicted of murder. Lt. Col. George Bivens confirmed that the search, now in its 10th day, has involved close to 400 individuals. The decision to allocate more resources comes after a prison tower guard was fired for allowing Cavalcante to escape while under his watch. The guard’s identity has not been disclosed.

Officials are currently focusing their efforts on the vicinity of Longwood Gardens, where Cavalcante has been sighted. The 34-year-old inmate fled from Chester County Prison last week while awaiting transfer to a state facility. Cavalcante had been sentenced to life in prison for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend in 2021, allegedly to prevent her from reporting his status as a wanted individual in Brazil.

Surveillance footage reveals Cavalcante scaling two parallel walls and reaching the prison roof, using the same escape route as another inmate, Igor Bolt, who had previously done so earlier this year. Acting warden Howard Holland stated that Cavalcante encountered razor wire before reaching the roof.

The ongoing manhunt is a concerted effort by law enforcement to locate and apprehend Cavalcante, who poses a potential risk to public safety.

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