Pasadena Radiologist’s Mental State Examined in Tesla Crash Hearing

Pasadena Radiologist’s Mental State Examined in Tesla Crash Hearing

A hearing took place on Wednesday to assess the mental state of Dharmesh Patel, a Pasadena radiologist involved in a Tesla crash near Devil’s Slide last year. The psychologist, Mark Patterson, testified that Patel was experiencing delusions about various global issues, including the fentanyl crisis and the war in Ukraine, as well as concerns about his children being kidnapped. Patel’s mental health has been a central focus in the case, as he faces multiple attempted murder charges for allegedly intentionally driving his family’s Tesla off the highway and onto a rocky beach.

Patterson, called to the stand by Patel’s attorney, stated that the radiologist showed significant progress over the past year and was a good candidate for a court-ordered treatment program. He emphasized Patel’s motivation and responsiveness to treatment, indicating a low risk of harm to others. Patterson’s diagnosis revealed that Patel was experiencing major depressive disorder with psychotic features and anxious distress on the day of the crash.

The psychologist’s assessment was based on 18 tests and interviews with Patel, as well as his brother and sister. Patterson noted that Patel’s delusions were primarily centered around the fear of his children being kidnapped and molested, possibly influenced by concerns related to Jeffrey Epstein, the accused sex-trafficker. Patel, according to Patterson, expressed remorse over the crash but showed few signs of lingering depression and had ceased experiencing delusions even without anti-psychotic medication.

During the hearing, prosecutors questioned Patterson about his failure to interview Patel’s wife before completing his report. They also raised the possibility that Patel’s condition resembled schizoaffective disorder, a chronic condition similar to schizophrenia. The prosecutors were expected to continue their questioning in the afternoon.

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  1. I remember reading about the Tesla crash near Devil’s Slide last year and it was a truly tragic incident. It hits close to home for me because I live in the Pasadena area and often drive on that same stretch of road. The news of the hearing to assess the mental state of Dharmesh Patel, the radiologist involved in the crash, caught my attention.

    I can’t help but feel a mix of curiosity and concern about what might have led to the accident. It’s always unsettling to hear

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