Paris Jackson’s Alleged Stalker Faces Potential Jail Time

Paris Jackson’s alleged stalker is facing the possibility of up to a year in jail. The actress, known for her role in the TV show ‘Star’, had previously filed for a restraining order against an unidentified man. He allegedly scaled her fence and looked through her windows, prompting her to take legal action. The man was later arrested and charged with four misdemeanour offenses, including two stalking charges. Additional charges of “loitering to commit a crime” and “harassment on social media” were also brought against him.

If convicted, the suspect could face a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. He is currently being held on $20,000 bail at Los Angeles’ Men Central Jail.

Paris Jackson stated in her restraining order filing that she does not know the man. However, he began messaging her in late 2019, and she became increasingly concerned about his escalating behavior of trying to contact her. Two days after he climbed her fence, another incident was reported where a man approached her front door, but she was not at home on either occasion.

This is not the first time Paris Jackson has dealt with a stalker. In 2018, she was granted a temporary restraining order against another individual who showed up at a recording studio where she was working. This person had reportedly waited outside for 15 hours and made threatening statements.

The court documents revealed that a friend of Paris confronted the alleged stalker at the studio. When asked why he was there, he responded with offensive language and made disturbing remarks. The friend reported that the man had previously tweeted Paris, claiming they were “soul mates.”

Paris Jackson was granted a temporary restraining order against the man, requiring him to stay at least 100 yards away from her and cease all communication.


Author: CrimeDoor

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