Palestinian Singer Dalal Abu Amneh Arrested Over Facebook Post in Northern Israel

Palestinian singer and neuroscientist Dalal Abu Amneh was arrested by Israeli police from her home in the Palestinian city of Nazareth, in northern Israel. Abu Amneh’s lawyer confirmed her arrest and subsequent interrogation by the police. She was later released after spending two days in jail. The arrest was made in connection with a Facebook post in which Abu Amneh wrote “There is no victor but God” and “Lord grant me relief,” along with links to charities working in Gaza.

This incident is part of a larger campaign of targeted harassment against Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinian residents of occupied Jerusalem. Palestinians in these areas face censorship and suppression for expressing support or sympathy for Gaza and Palestine. The harassment includes being reported by colleagues, online harassment by right-wing Israeli groups, and even arrest by the police. Palestinians have been fired from their jobs, suspended from universities, and faced threats from employers for publicly expressing their support for Gaza.

Israeli member of parliament Ofer Cassif was suspended by the Knesset Ethics Committee for 45 days and had his salary stopped for two weeks due to his public criticisms of the Israeli government’s handling of the war on Gaza. Palestinians with Israeli citizenship and Jerusalem residents are increasingly targeted in professional and public environments over their Palestinian identity and expressions of support for Gaza.

Numerous complaints have been received by rights groups from Palestinian university students and workers across various sectors in Israel. Palestinians are feeling intimidated and fearful of expressing their Palestinian identity on social media platforms or in public due to potential repercussions such as job loss or academic suspension.

In a separate incident, a teacher in Tiberias, northern Israel, was suspended from her job and may face criminal charges for liking posts on Instagram belonging to the popular account “Eye on Palestine.” The teacher’s alleged “encouragement of hostile and false information against the State of Israel during a war” prompted the suspension and a potential police complaint.

The arrest of Dalal Abu Amneh and the broader campaign of harassment against Palestinians in Israel and occupied Jerusalem highlight the challenges faced by Palestinians in expressing their support for Gaza and Palestine.


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