Pakistani Women Sentenced to Death for Murdering Teacher Accused of Blasphemy

Pakistani Women Sentenced to Death for Murdering Teacher Accused of Blasphemy

Two Pakistani women, aged 23 and 24, have been sentenced to death, while a 16-year-old minor has been jailed for life, for the brutal killing of their religious school teacher, Safoora Bibi, whom they accused of committing blasphemy. The verdict was delivered by a district judge in Dera Ismail Khan city, located in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, on Wednesday.

Blasphemy is an inflammatory charge in Pakistan, a Muslim-majority country, where unproven allegations of insulting Islam have often incited deadly vigilantism. According to police reports, the convicted women initially attacked their 18-year-old teacher with a stick at the school gate before slitting her throat. The motive behind the murder stemmed from a classmate’s dream, in which the teacher was accused of blasphemy, and the dreamer was promised paradise for carrying out the act.

The teacher’s uncle, upon being informed of the incident, discovered his niece’s tortured and lifeless body in the street. Knives and sticks were recovered from the accused individuals at the time of their arrest, as reported by Dawn news website.

While the death penalty is technically permitted in Pakistan, executions have not taken place since 2020, according to Amnesty International. Prior to that, executions of women were infrequent, but many female inmates have remained on death row for extended periods.

Pakistan has recently witnessed a surge in high-profile blasphemy cases. In February, police had to intervene in Lahore when a woman wearing a shirt adorned with Arabic calligraphy was surrounded by a mob accusing her of blasphemy. The crowd, mistaking the Arabic word for “beautiful” as Quranic verses, posed a threat to her safety. Additionally, Pakistan’s top Supreme Court judge has faced veiled death threats after ordering the release of a man accused of disseminating a blasphemous text.

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  1. It is truly disheartening to hear about such a tragic incident. While it is important to respect religious beliefs and values, it is equally crucial to promote tolerance and understanding in our society.

    One possible solution to prevent such extreme acts of violence is to focus on education and awareness. By implementing comprehensive programs that teach critical thinking, empathy, and respect for different perspectives, we can help individuals develop a more nuanced understanding of religious teachings and beliefs.

    Additionally, it is essential for religious leaders and communities to actively

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