Pakistan Election Commissioner Implicated in Election Rigging Scandal

Pakistan’s election commission has launched an inquiry following the shocking admission by Rawalpindi commissioner Liaqat Ali Chattha, who confessed to his involvement in rigging the country’s recent elections. Chattha, a senior bureaucrat, revealed that he played a significant role in converting the losers into winners, altering the margins of 70,000 votes in 13 national assembly seats. His confession implicated the head of the election commission and the country’s top judge.

Chattha’s announcement came amidst allegations of election manipulation that marred the polls, which failed to produce a clear winner. The commissioner stated that he would surrender to the police and step down from his position. While no case has been filed against him yet, the Rawalpindi senior superintendent of police operations, Kamran Asghar, confirmed that Chattha had not been arrested.

The election commission promptly rejected Chattha’s allegations, asserting that none of its officials instructed him to change the election results. However, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan viewed the confession as evidence of the state bureaucracy’s involvement in election rigging.

In response to the revelations, thousands of people took to the streets in various cities, including Islamabad, protesting against the alleged election fraud. Despite government restrictions on public gatherings, tens of thousands of individuals from all walks of life converged at the Press Club in Islamabad, claiming that their mandate had been stolen.

After a week of political turmoil, a six-party alliance led by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is set to form the next government. However, the official results showed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), led by former Prime Minister Imran Khan, as the clear winner with 93 seats. Khan, currently incarcerated on multiple convictions, called Chattha’s confession “incriminating” and demanded a fair investigation and trial for all those involved in the alleged mandate theft.

Senior PTI official Ali Muhammad Khan echoed the sentiment, stating that Chattha’s statement provided evidence that their party was cheated and called for the return of their rightful mandate.

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  1. As a blog commenter, my personal goal related to this topic is to raise awareness about the importance of fair and transparent elections. I believe that every citizen has the right to vote and have their voice heard in a democratic society. Therefore, I plan to engage in discussions and debates both online and offline to highlight the negative consequences of election rigging and the need for accountability in the electoral process. I also aim to support organizations and initiatives that promote electoral reforms and work towards creating a more inclusive and democratic system

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