Over 90 Women to Appeal Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Former Provo OB-GYN

Over 90 Women to Appeal Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Former Provo OB-GYN

Over 90 women are planning to appeal to the Utah Supreme Court next week after a judge dismissed their lawsuit against former Provo OB-GYN, Dr. David Broadbent. The lawsuit, filed in 2022, alleges that Broadbent sexually abused his patients, causing them trauma, pain, anxiety, distress, and other emotional and physical trauma. The allegations date back to the 1980s and involve women from multiple states, including Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Kentucky, Idaho, Virginia, Nebraska, Maryland, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

The 4th District Court dismissed the case, stating that it was a medical malpractice suit rather than harassment. However, the court acknowledged that the allegations against Broadbent painted a disturbing picture of his conduct as an OB-GYN, describing it as insensitive, disrespectful, and degrading.

Heather P. and Ashton Sorenson, two of the women involved in the lawsuit, shared their experiences with Broadbent. Heather stated that she met with him for nearly two years, starting in 2005 when she was 20 years old and expecting her first child. She claimed that he sexually harassed her throughout that time. Ashton, who was a student at Brigham Young University when she first saw Broadbent, described a full body exam without gloves that was extensive and painful.

The women are appealing to the Utah Supreme Court in hopes of reinstating their case. They aim to raise awareness and prevent similar incidents from happening to others.


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