Oregon Man Freed After 25 Years Due to Mismanaged Racism-Tinged Murder Case

Oregon Man Freed After 25 Years Due to Mismanaged Racism-Tinged Murder Case

In a significant development that underlines deep-seated flaws in the justice system, Jesse Johnson, who was wrongly convicted for the 1998 murder of Harriet “Sunny” Thompson in Salem, Oregon, was released after 25 years in prison. The Oregon Court of Appeals had reversed Johnson’s conviction in 2021, citing that critical testimony from a witness, Patricia Hubbard, was not presented during the trial. Hubbard had reportedly witnessed a white man fleeing the scene on the night of the murder, a testimony that contradicted the conviction of Johnson, a Black man.

On the tragic night of March 20, 1998, Thompson was found dead in her home, having succumbed to stab wounds. Despite Hubbard’s account, which she later relayed to investigators, pointing to a white individual leaving the crime scene, the police allegedly discouraged her from sharing her version, hinting at a racially motivated bias in the investigation. Johnson was subsequently sentenced to death in 2004, a verdict that raised eyebrows given the stark inconsistencies in the investigation process.

The Oregon Innocence Project, which spearheaded Johnson’s appeal, vehemently criticized the state for the grave miscarriage of justice in this case. Steve Wax, the legal director of the project, highlighted the clear indications of racial prejudice tainting the initial investigation. Despite the evident flaws in the case, attempts to facilitate additional DNA testing to possibly identify the real culprit were met with resistance from the Oregon Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum, and the Marion County district attorney.

This week, acknowledging the inability to prove Johnson’s guilt due to the lapse of time and loss of crucial evidence, the district attorney’s office requested the Marion County Circuit Court to dismiss the case, a motion that was subsequently approved.

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