Operation Hot August Nights Leads to 35 Arrests in Massachusetts City

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A joint operation conducted by the Massachusetts State Police, Brockton police, Plymouth County Sheriff Deputies, and Massachusetts Environmental Police resulted in 35 arrests in Brockton, Massachusetts. Dubbed “Operation Hot August Nights,” the enforcement effort targeted individuals involved in violent crimes and narcotics dealings. Additionally, citations were issued for traffic violations.

During the operation, two Massachusetts State Police helicopters were deployed to assist in locating suspect vehicles. Massachusetts Environmental Police officers patrolled the city on dirt bikes, apprehending seven individuals who were riding recklessly and posing a safety risk to motorists and pedestrians.

One driver who fled from a trooper in Brockton was tracked with the help of a state police helicopter and pursued by ground units to Bridgewater, where the individual was apprehended. Several arrests were made for narcotics and fentanyl possession.

In total, 35 arrests were made, along with the issuance of five criminal summonses. Additionally, seven dirt bikes were seized during the operation. The joint effort aimed to enhance public safety and address criminal activities in the area.


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