Ontario Christian High School Student Arrested for Planning School Shooting

An 18-year-old student at Ontario Christian High School has been arrested and charged after authorities uncovered his plan to carry out a shooting at the school. Sebastian Bailey Villaseñor, fixated on school shootings, had conducted research on police response times and tactical supplies, according to Ontario Police Chief Michael Lorenz. The investigation revealed that Villaseñor had access to weapons and was actively planning the attack.

During a search of Villaseñor’s residence in Eastvale, police seized a cache of firearms, including seven rifles, three handguns, a shotgun, and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition. It was confirmed that the weapons were legally owned by the teen’s father. Villaseñor now faces five counts of attempted murder and one count of attempted criminal threat, as announced by the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office.

Villaseñor meticulously mapped out the distance between the Ontario police station and the school, estimating police response times. He was in the process of selecting a date for the attack, indicating his clear intention to carry out the shooting, according to Chief Lorenz. Although Villaseñor did not possess a “hit list” or a manifesto, investigators identified five or possibly six specific targets through interviews. The chief emphasized that Villaseñor acted alone.

The investigation commenced after a student, who became aware of the plot, promptly reported it to school officials on February 8. High school principal Ben Dykhouse immediately alerted the police, leading to Villaseñor’s arrest on Saturday. Dykhouse expressed gratitude for the protection provided by God and the Ontario police, as well as the courageous student who spoke up when something seemed amiss.

Villaseñor, who had been a student at Ontario Christian High for two years, had no prior disciplinary or legal issues. Both Chief Lorenz and Principal Dykhouse stated that he was not considered troubled, nor had he been a victim of bullying. However, Villaseñor struggled with forming relationships and social interactions.

While acknowledging the effectiveness of the school’s security measures and the “see-something-say-something” culture, Dykhouse emphasized the need to further strengthen existing protocols. It is important to note that the high school campus is separate from Ontario Christian School’s Euclid Avenue campus, which houses preschool, elementary, and middle school classes. Ontario Christian High School has an enrollment of 390 students, while the other campuses have a combined enrollment of approximately 800.

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