Ongoing Prostitution Issue Persists on Roosevelt Avenue Despite Recent NYPD Raids

Despite the recent efforts by the NYPD to crack down on illicit activities along Queens’ Roosevelt Avenue, the ongoing issue of prostitution persists in the area. In a series of exclusive reports, The Post revealed that a dozen massage parlors allegedly housing backroom bordellos were closed down by the NYPD within a week. However, the very next day, a YouTube video captured at least a dozen skin merchants standing outside different storefronts, indicating that the sex trade was still active.

During a recent visit to Roosevelt Avenue, a reporter encountered a bold sex worker who whispered an offer of services for one hundred dollars. Even in the freezing cold, several X-rated coworkers were observed luring customers, despite the presence of a mobile command center manned by police officers just 200 feet away. Frustration among local residents is evident, with one clothing store manager expressing concern that the police need to address the issue consistently, rather than just temporarily stopping the activities.

Sarah Gil, a server at La Pequeña Colombia restaurant, acknowledged the challenges faced by the city in its mission to clean up the sex strip. She mentioned the influx of immigrants, particularly from Venezuela, as a contributing factor to the persistence of prostitution on Roosevelt Avenue. Mayor Adams had previously highlighted this as a source of the area’s surge in sex work.

Democratic Councilman Francisco Moya, representing the district that includes Jackson Heights and Corona, assured that a long-term plan was being developed to tackle the illicit sex trade in his area. Moya claimed that both the police and federal authorities were conducting multiple ongoing investigations into the brothels, but refrained from providing further details. He warned those operating such establishments that they would face consequences, emphasizing that efforts were underway to shut them down.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that the dozen storefronts closed during last month’s raids were still subject to court-ordered closures. Anyone entering these premises would be arrested and prosecuted. The police are actively investigating other illicit brothels in the Roosevelt Avenue area and aim to shut them down using the city’s nuisance abatement law as soon as possible.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Did you know that according to a study conducted by the Urban Institute, approximately 63% of prostitution arrests in the United States occur in outdoor settings, such as streets and public areas? This statistic highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement in combating prostitution in areas like Roosevelt Avenue in Queens.

  2. Great post! I appreciate your focus on an important issue in Queens. It’s commendable that you’re shedding light on the ongoing problem of prostitution despite the efforts made by the NYPD. However, it would be helpful to provide more information on the specific actions taken by the NYPD and any potential solutions that could address this issue. Keep up the good work!

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