Ongoing Break-Ins Plague Oakland Restaurant, Agave Uptown

Agave Uptown, a restaurant located in Oakland, California, has been grappling with a persistent wave of break-ins, leaving its workers frustrated and concerned for their safety. The establishment has fallen victim to three break-ins in the past three weeks alone, adding to a staggering total of nearly two dozen incidents since its opening. The continuous crime spree has not only resulted in financial losses for the small business but has also created an atmosphere of unease for both employees and customers.

Security footage captured the most recent break-in, which occurred on Thursday morning at approximately 5 a.m. The video shows a man forcefully opening the front doors after tampering with the lock. In a calm and calculated manner, he proceeds to pilfer a couple of bottles of liquor before making his exit. The general manager of Agave Uptown, Osvaldo Sanchez, expressed his exasperation, stating, “Restaurants are dying little by little with this type of situation, and this has to stop.”

Sanchez revealed that these crimes have become distressingly frequent, with each incident resulting in substantial repair costs and lost inventory for the business. The constant threat has left the restaurant’s 40 employees uncertain about their future. “We have around 40 employees that rely on us, and with this type of situation where we get hit so many times, we don’t know what’s going to happen next,” Sanchez lamented.

Agave Uptown previously experienced a significant break-in last summer, during which thieves absconded with $10,000 in cash and valuable bottles of liquor. Despite the numerous incidents, none have been resolved, leading Sanchez to question the efficacy of involving the police. He emphasized the urgent need for support and attention from city leaders, as Agave Uptown aims to continue serving its customers and contributing to the community.

In response to the persistent theft, the restaurant has implemented certain measures to mitigate the losses, such as transitioning to a cashless system. However, as city officials appear to be slow in providing viable solutions, the best way for the community to assist is by patronizing Agave Uptown and supporting their business.

Author: CrimeDoor

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