One Arrested, Another Wanted After Lamborghinis Crash in Riverside County

One Arrested, Another Wanted After Lamborghinis Crash in Riverside County

One person has been arrested, and another is wanted by police following a crash involving two Lamborghinis in Riverside County on Friday evening. The incident occurred around 6:30 p.m. on Jefferson Avenue, a road with a posted speed limit of 45 mph. According to the Murrieta Police Department, two Lamborghini Huracáns were traveling at a high rate of speed, likely exceeding the speed limit, when one of the vehicles lost control and collided with a third vehicle in the far right lane.

Debris from the crash was scattered across the roadway, and both Lamborghinis sustained significant damage, with one appearing to be totaled. The driver of the Lamborghini that lost control suffered injuries requiring hospitalization but has since been booked into jail for reckless driving and street racing. The driver of the third vehicle experienced minor injuries and was shaken up, according to the police.

The driver of the second Lamborghini fled the scene without checking on the well-being of the other drivers involved. An investigation is currently underway, and the Murrieta Police Department is urging any witnesses or establishments with security camera footage of the incident to come forward.

The exact year of the crashed Lamborghini’s manufacture remains unclear. However, according to Car and Driver, prices for a 2023 Huracán start at $212,090.

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