Ohio Man Arrested for Alleged Theft While Suspended in Air

In Akron, Ohio, a man was taken into custody after being found perched inside an SUV “20 feet off the ground” at Arlington Auto Wrecking, a local wrecking yard. The arrest was made after Akron Police arrived at the scene, with bodycam footage showing the vehicle suspended in the air by a forklift.

The suspect, later handcuffed and identified as 26-year-old Alexander Funk by business employees, was non-cooperative when questioned by officers, responding to an inquiry for his name with a dismissive remark.

Upon arrest, Funk questioned the charge, claiming he had been fleeing from someone. The arresting officer’s bodycam captured the interaction and later discussions with the wrecking yard’s staff. An employee had maneuvered a loader to immobilize the SUV, expressing concern over the vehicle’s instability.

A 911 call released by local station WOIO relayed the employee’s report of the elevated vehicle, which elicited a surprised reaction from the operator.

Post-incident, officers at the jail reviewed the day’s events, noting Funk’s previous attempts at theft from the same location. This time, however, the quick-thinking employees’ use of the forklift thwarted his escape.

Funk faces charges for criminal trespass and possession of criminal tools. The Akron Police Department shared the footage, dated October 17, showcasing the unique arrest situation.

Author: CrimeDoor

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