Ohio Family Criticizes Attorney General’s Remarks in Serial Killings by Sex Worker

Rebecca Auborn, 33, at her arraignment in Columbus, Ohio, on Oct. 30.

The family of one of the victims in a serial killing case in Ohio has criticized the state’s Attorney General for his remarks following the arrest of a sex worker accused of drugging and killing four customers. The Attorney General, Dave Yost, warned against buying sex in Ohio, a statement that the family found insensitive to the victims’ plight.

Christyn Crockett, daughter of victim Wayne Akin, expressed her dismay at Yost’s comments. She acknowledged the legal aspect of her father’s involvement but felt the remarks were inconsiderate of the victims and their families. Her husband, Ittai Crockett, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the humanity of the victims who have families and loved ones.

Yost, in response, stated that his comments were directed at men who buy sex and contribute to human trafficking. He maintained that there is no delicate way to discuss such heinous acts and that avoiding direct talk does no service.

Rebecca Auborn, 33, the suspect in the case, has pleaded not guilty to over two dozen charges, including murder and aggravated robbery. She allegedly drugged her victims with fentanyl, leading to their deaths. The case gained attention after Akin was found dead in his apartment on his 64th birthday.

Akin, remembered as a kindhearted family man and talented tinkerer, struggled with drug addiction in his later years. Christyn Crockett, who had grown distant from her father due to his addiction, had recently begun rebuilding their relationship. She described the moment she learned of her father’s death as a profound shock, initially believing it to be of natural causes.

Akin’s death is now part of an active investigation, linked to Auborn’s alleged crimes. The Crocketts expressed relief at the arrest, finding some solace in the confirmation that Akin’s death was not self-inflicted.

Yost’s comments have sparked a broader discussion about the portrayal of victims in criminal cases, particularly those involved in activities that are legally or socially frowned upon.

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