Officer Pursues Speeding Motorcyclist in Holmen, Wisconsin

On June 24th, 2023, an officer on routine patrol in Holmen, Wisconsin, observed a speeding motorcycle. The officer followed from a distance as the motorcyclist entered a gas station after speeding through a parking lot. While the rider was inside the gas station, the officer ran the temporary plates on the motorcycle, which returned to a 19-year-old male named Isaac. It was discovered that Isaac held a restricted motorcycle permit mandating helmet use in daylight riding, yet he was riding without a helmet well into the night.

Minutes later, Isaac left the store and once again sped through the parking lot. The officer initiated a traffic stop, but Isaac promptly accelerated, reaching a speed of 80 miles per hour. Eventually, Isaac arrived at the end of the road and steered into a grassy area. As a result of this maneuver, the motorcycle spun out, ejecting Isaac. He then fled on foot into the nearby woods.

Several law enforcement agencies arrived to assist with the search for Isaac but were unsuccessful in locating him. The officer obtained Isaac’s complete information from the license plates, including his address.

Author: CrimeDoor

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