Oakland Resident Arrested in Connection with San Jose Armed Robberies; Second Suspect Still at Large

Oakland Resident Arrested in Connection with San Jose Armed Robberies; Second Suspect Still at Large

San Jose police have made an arrest in connection with two armed robberies that occurred late last year, but are still on the lookout for a second suspect. The incidents took place on December 18, 2023, at two separate businesses located on the 3100 block of Monterey Road and the 2900 block of south Bascom Avenue, according to a news release from the San Jose Police Department.

During both robberies, the perpetrators, dressed in all black attire and wearing masks and gloves, brandished firearms and threatened the victims. They swiftly made off with cash, lottery scratchers, and other valuable items before fleeing the scene. Detailed descriptions of the suspects have not been released by the authorities at this time.

After an extensive investigation, detectives from the robbery unit identified a 37-year-old man from Oakland as the primary suspect in the robberies. On March 7, with the assistance of the Oakland Housing Authority, San Jose police successfully apprehended the Oakland resident. During the arrest, law enforcement officers discovered a firearm, ammunition, cash, and a stolen vehicle at the suspect’s residence.

Despite this significant development, the investigation remains ongoing as authorities continue their efforts to locate and apprehend the second suspect involved in the armed robberies. The San Jose Police Department has not provided any additional information regarding the outstanding suspect.

Residents of San Jose can take solace in the fact that law enforcement agencies are actively working to bring those responsible for these crimes to justice. The collaboration between the San Jose Police Department and the Oakland Housing Authority highlights the importance of interagency cooperation in combating criminal activities.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Did you know that according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, there were approximately 267,988 reported cases of robberies in the United States in 2019?

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