Oakland Pizza Shop Employees Fight Off Robber in Desperate Attempt to Save Business

Employees at Cybelle’s Pizza in Oakland, California, took a stand against a robber who stormed into their shop, as captured on security footage. The incident occurred on Friday night around 10:30 p.m. This marked the fourth robbery the pizza shop has experienced in just over a month, putting the business at risk of closure.

In the footage obtained by Fox LA, the employees can be seen bravely attempting to fend off the robber with a hammer. Although they initially scared him off, the thief quickly returned and reached over the counter to grab the cash register. In a desperate move, one of the cooks hurled a recycling bin at the robber before he fled the scene. The suspect was later apprehended by authorities.

Elizabeth Sanchez, the owner of Cybelle’s Pizza, commended her employees for their bravery, even though she had advised them against taking such risks. However, the escalating crime in the area has made it difficult for the business to retain employees and attract customers. Sales have plummeted, surpassing the impact of the pandemic.

Sanchez and her husband, who both work seven days a week, are now contemplating the closure of their Oakland restaurant. They plan to continue operating their San Francisco location. The surge in crime has affected several small businesses in the area, leaving owners like Sanchez questioning the American dream they once pursued as immigrants.

Mayor Sheng Thao’s office has been collaborating with local businesses to enhance security measures. They are working towards allocating a budget for increased security in the Diamond and Laurel districts, ensuring round-the-clock protection. Sanchez expressed the need for assistance for small businesses, emphasizing that they too require support.

In recent developments, two small businesses in the area were granted $20,000 for repairs through the Facade and Tenant Improvement Program. The mayor’s office intends to work with Cybelle’s Pizza to provide similar assistance. Additionally, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced the deployment of 120 California Highway Patrol officers to Oakland to combat the rising crime rate.



Author: CrimeDoor

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