Oakland Man Acquitted of Murder and Attempted Murder Charges in Gas Station Shooting

Oakland Man Acquitted of Murder and Attempted Murder Charges in Gas Station Shooting

An Alameda County jury has acquitted Stavon Moore, an Oakland man, of murder and attempted murder charges in a gas station shooting that resulted in the death of Rodney Davis and the paralysis of Tyja Braswell. Moore admitted to killing Davis and paralyzing Braswell but argued that his actions were in self-defense. The jury found Moore guilty of a felony gun possession count, which carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison. Moore is expected to receive credit for the 18 months he has already spent in jail awaiting trial.

The shooting took place on March 19, 2022, at the Royal Gas Station on International Blvd. Surveillance footage captured most of the incident, which led to murder charges against both Moore and Braswell. Moore’s significant other, Tamia Foster, also faced felony charges but accepted a plea deal for diversion instead of jail time.

During the trial, Moore expressed remorse for Davis’ death but maintained that he believed his own life was in imminent danger. Moore’s defense attorney, Ernie Castillo, highlighted Moore’s sympathy for the loss of Davis and his genuine display of emotions during his testimony.

The video footage showed Braswell openly selling drugs, and an argument ensued between her and Mattie Flowers, who was a customer at the gas station. Flowers retrieved a pistol from her van after Braswell allegedly brandished a gun at her. Moore then took the pistol from Flowers. As Braswell attempted to access her fanny pack, Moore fired his gun, claiming self-defense. Braswell returned fire, and Moore fired additional shots, resulting in Davis’ death and Braswell’s paralysis. Witnesses allegedly stole drugs from Braswell’s fanny pack while she lay on the ground, and a friend of hers later retrieved her pistol.

Moore and Braswell were initially set to go to trial together, but their defense attorneys successfully petitioned for their cases to be severed. Braswell is likely to face trial soon unless a plea bargain is reached with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. Mattie Flowers, who was involved in a separate misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter case, passed away before the trial, but her prior testimony was read into the record.

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