Oakland Announces Increased Patrols to Combat Crime in Partnership with California Highway Patrol

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In a bid to curtail crime and enhance public safety, the city of Oakland has joined forces with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to bolster patrols across targeted areas. Spearheaded by Mayor Sheng Thao’s administration, this renewed crackdown will focus on reining in the city’s crime rate through the deployment of additional law enforcement personnel.

The prime objective of this partnership, forged in collaboration with Governor Gavin Newsom, is to provide the Oakland police with more capacity to respond swiftly and effectively to incidents of violent crime. By targeting “high-injury corridors,” such as International Boulevard and San Pablo Avenue, the CHP plans to tackle an array of offenses, including reckless driving, stolen vehicles, sideshows, and highway shootings.

To further support this initiative, Governor Newsom’s office has pledged to allocate $1.2 million towards the procurement of automated license plate readers for Oakland. While the precise locations and exact number of devices remain undisclosed, some of these cutting-edge readers are likely to be installed on roads that were previously state highways.

It is pertinent to note that the deployment of this law enforcement technology in Oakland adheres to the scrutiny of the civilian Privacy Advisory Commission, ensuring the protection of public privacy rights. However, it remains unclear whether the acquisition of license plate readers will fall within the purview of this commission.

Mayor Thao expressed her gratitude to Governor Newsom for his unwavering support, recognizing the importance of robust partnerships in bolstering the safety and security of the city. She emphasized that Oakland’s comprehensive community safety approach incorporates both accountability for criminals and proactive measures to curtail crime before it occurs.

By synergizing efforts and pooling resources, Oakland and the CHP are poised to make significant strides in maintaining public safety, fortifying the well-being of Oakland residents, and reclaiming the city’s streets from criminal activity. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the fight against crime and demonstrates the commitment of both the federal and local authorities to protect the residents of Oakland.

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