NOVEMBER 3, 1912 – Jean Milne

Around 9 a.m. on Nov. 3, 1912, Walter Coullie entered the mansion home of Jean Milne in Dundee, Scotland to find the wealthy spinster dead under a sheet at the bottom of a staircase. Milne, 69, had been violently stabbed and beaten to death. Her legs had been tied with a window cord. There was a bloodstained carving fork next to the body, which police said they believed was used to stab Milne. An examination of her body revealed at least 20 holes in her clothes and numerous puncture wounds. There was blood splatter on the walls and Milne’s false teeth had been broken and scattered on the stairs.

Milne lived alone in her 23-room home, Elmgrove. She was described as a “churchgoing eccentric” who had a large circle of friends but preferred her own company. It was believed she was last seen alive on Oct. 15 or 16. However, other witnesses claimed to have seen her inside Elmgrove on Oct. 21, and another placed her riding in a car on Oct. 22. At some point, Milne stopped bringing in her mail, which led to her postman notifying police.

Milne’s case is the oldest unsolved murder in Dundee, Scotland. In 2021, a group of forensic experts reopened the case but did not determine who killed Milne, leaving her murder unsolved.

Lou Nightingale
Author: Lou Nightingale

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