Notorious Wedding Crasher Arrested for Theft at Multiple Events

Notorious Wedding Crasher Arrested for Theft at Multiple Events

Sandra Lynn Henson, known as the “Mid-south Wedding Crasher,” was arrested in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, on Saturday for petty larceny, trespassing, and disturbing the peace at a wedding she was not invited to. The Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office revealed that Henson has a history of crashing weddings and stealing money and cards from purses, with previous arrests in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Henson’s criminal career as a wedding crasher and thief dates back to at least 2017 when she was caught on surveillance video stealing from Sarah Ormon’s wedding. In 2019, she faced theft charges in two separate cases in Florence, Alabama. Following the publicity of these charges, guests from weddings in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee reported seeing Henson at their events. Witnesses observed her taking gift envelopes and money from purses inside wedding party changing rooms.

Despite encounters with law enforcement and a five-year prison sentence, Henson continued her criminal activities. A Tennessee judge revoked her probation, and a Mississippi judge sentenced her to prison until January 2025. However, she was released early for undisclosed reasons. Last week, Henson was arrested once again for stealing gifts at a wedding.

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