Notorious Child Trafficking Kingpin Arrested in Lagos, Dozens of Children Rescued

The Lagos State Police Command has apprehended a suspected kingpin of a child trafficking and labor syndicate that has been operating with impunity for years. The arrest came after an intense three-month-long intelligence operation, during which the police meticulously gathered evidence against the notorious criminal.

The spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the arrest of the syndicate’s leader, Alimot Haruna, aged 45, hailing from Molete Village in Ilorin. The arrest took place on January 25, around 5:45 pm, when detectives from the Ijora Badia Police Division successfully tracked and apprehended Haruna.

During the operation, the police also rescued three underage children, two girls, and one boy, aged between 7 and 12, whose identities remain unknown. These children, who had no fixed address, were believed to have been brought from the northern part of Nigeria to Lagos State for forced labor and other illegal activities.

Interrogation of the suspect revealed shocking details about the extent of her criminal activities. Haruna confessed to illegally bringing 42 children to Lagos State for child labor without the consent of their parents. Furthermore, it was discovered that she had been declared wanted by the Kwara State Police Command in connection with numerous cases of missing underage children, all of which were linked to her syndicate.

The Kwara State Police Command was immediately contacted, and they confirmed that they had already recovered some of the missing children, leaving only 11 still unaccounted for. Haruna, under further questioning, disclosed the locations where she had hidden the remaining children.

Efforts are currently underway to rescue the remaining eight children, with the assistance of the Kwara State Police Command’s Anti-Trafficking Unit. The custodians of the children have been contacted and have acknowledged having them in their care.

This arrest marks a significant victory in the fight against child trafficking and labor syndicates. The Lagos State Police Command, in collaboration with their counterparts in Kwara State, is determined to bring all those involved in this heinous crime to justice. The rescued children will receive the necessary support and care to help them recover from the trauma they have endured.

The investigation into this case is ongoing, and further details are expected to emerge as the police delve deeper into the syndicate’s operations. The authorities are committed to dismantling this criminal network entirely and ensuring the safety and well-being of all children in Nigeria.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This suspected kingpin of the child trafficking and labor syndicate can be likened to the puppeteer who pulls the strings behind a puppet show. Just like the puppeteer controls the movements and actions of the puppets, this individual has been orchestrating the operations of the syndicate, manipulating and exploiting innocent children for their own gain.

  2. “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” – Benjamin Franklin

    This quote resonates with the post because it highlights the importance of collective action in seeking justice. In the case of the child trafficking and labor syndicate, it is crucial for society as a whole to be outraged and take action against such heinous crimes. It emphasizes that justice cannot be achieved if only the victims or those directly affected are concerned, but rather it requires the involvement and outrage

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