North Antioch Library Implements New Security Measures Following Temporary Closure

The North Antioch Library is set to reopen on Tuesday after a one-day closure due to security concerns. In response to recent incidents that have threatened the safety of patrons and staff, the library has implemented new security measures. These measures include the presence of an armed security guard and a patrol car to monitor the parking lot.

According to library spokesperson Brooke Converse, the decision to enhance security was made after consulting with the County Administrator’s Office and County Counsel. An emergency contract was negotiated to provide a private armed security guard, in addition to the existing private security officer already present during open hours.

To further strengthen security, the library will collaborate with Contra Costa Public Works to repair and reinforce the security fence and upgrade the security camera system. County Librarian Alison McKee emphasized the library’s commitment to working closely with the city of Antioch to ensure the safety of library patrons, staff, and the surrounding neighborhood.

The temporary closure of the North Antioch Library, announced late Friday, came as a surprise to many, including local officials and law enforcement who were not forewarned. Incidents that led to the closure included public sexual activity in the bathroom, the presence of a wanted criminal using a library computer (later removed by Antioch police), a racist letter left on the service desk, and instances of intoxicated library patrons behaving aggressively.

Antioch Mayor Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe expressed the city’s willingness to collaborate with the county on addressing safety concerns at the library in a letter to County Administrator Monica Nino.

The library’s spokesperson, Brooke Converse, emphasized that the safety of patrons and staff remains a top priority.

During the closure, library services were still available at the southeast Antioch Library located at the Antioch Community Center. However, starting at noon on Tuesday, holds and the book drop at the North Antioch Library will resume normal operations.

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  1. Great news! I’m glad to hear that the North Antioch Library is reopening after the security concerns. It’s important to support our local libraries, so I’ll be sure to share this post on my social media accounts to help spread the word. Keep up the good work in promoting a safe and welcoming environment for everyone!

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