NOPD Releases Body Cam Footage of Officer-Involved Shooting During Arrest

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The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) has released body camera footage capturing an officer-involved shooting during the arrest of two murder suspects. The incident occurred on July 27th and is currently under investigation. The footage, obtained from four different officers, shows the events unfolding rapidly, with the entire incident lasting less than a minute.

According to the NOPD, the officer’s firearm discharged unintentionally while attempting to apprehend the suspects. One suspect was shot, while the other was struck by a police car. The shooting of the suspect is believed to be accidental, and the car collision is still being investigated.

The two men were identified as suspects in a double shooting that took place earlier that day in the 3900 block of UWA St, resulting in the death of a woman and injury to a man. Video footage captured the suspects leaving the scene in a white vehicle shortly after the incident. Detectives were able to locate the vehicle and set up a confrontation with the suspects on Painter St.

In the released body camera footage, officers can be seen chasing the suspects and ordering them to get on the ground. Suddenly, at least two officers fall, and one suspect is handcuffed with a wound in his left leg, exclaiming, “You shot me.” The exact moment of the gun discharge is not visible in the video. However, officers discovered a gun when they cut the suspect’s right pant leg. A tourniquet was applied to the suspect’s leg.

The NOPD emphasizes that the shooting was unintentional and that the officers believed they were dealing with homicide suspects. The collision with the suspect is believed to have caused the accidental discharge. The investigation into the incident is ongoing to ensure the safety of all involved parties.


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