Ninth Detainee Dies at Rikers Island as Federal Monitor Releases Scathing Report

Ninth Detainee Dies at Rikers Island as Federal Monitor Releases Scathing Report

A detainee at Rikers Island died on Thursday, becoming the ninth person to pass away while in custody at the troubled jail complex this year. The death occurred on the same day that a federal monitor released a scathing report on Rikers Island, highlighting ongoing safety concerns. The report also questions the effectiveness of the Department of Correction’s efforts to improve conditions, labeling them as “superficial, poorly implemented or ineffective.”

According to the federal monitor’s report, there were 74 fights at Rikers Island during a single week last month. The report includes an image from a security camera showing one inmate attacking another, with the injured inmate not receiving medical treatment for over five hours. The report further criticizes the DOC for its failure to promptly report assaults internally or to the monitoring team.

Sarena Townsend, a defense attorney and former DOC deputy commissioner, expressed concern over the lack of proper medical treatment for injured individuals at Rikers Island. The federal monitor’s report also highlights instances where officers failed to intervene in fights or distorted the facts surrounding incidents.

The report’s findings have raised questions about Commissioner Molina’s transparency and ability to address the issues at Rikers Island. The federal monitor suggests that the report comes close to supporting the need for federal receivership.

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