NHL Players Michael McLeod and Dillon Dube Charged with Sexual Assault in Connection with Alleged Incident Involving Canada’s 2018 World Junior Team

NHL players Michael McLeod of the New Jersey Devils and Dillon Dube of the Calgary Flames have been charged with sexual assault in connection with an alleged incident involving several members of Canada’s 2018 world junior team. The charges were announced by attorneys representing McLeod and Dube, who vehemently denied any wrongdoing on behalf of their clients.

According to their lawyers, McLeod and Dube will plead not guilty and vigorously defend themselves in court. The attorneys have requested privacy for their clients and their families during this difficult time. Both the New Jersey Devils and the Calgary Flames have yet to comment on the charges.

These developments come just days after former NHL player Alex Formenton surrendered to the police to face similar charges. Formenton’s lawyer, Daniel Brown, has also maintained his client’s innocence and urged people not to rush to judgment without considering all the evidence.

Five players from Canada’s 2018 world junior team, including McLeod, Dube, Formenton, Carter Hart of the Philadelphia Flyers, and Cal Foote of the New Jersey Devils, have taken leaves of absence from their current clubs. The agents representing these players have refrained from making any public statements.

The investigation into the alleged incident began in 2022 after it was revealed that Hockey Canada had settled a lawsuit with a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by eight members of the gold medal-winning team at a gala. London Police, located in Ontario, Canada, have been leading the investigation. The NHL has also conducted its own investigation and has pledged to release its findings to the public.

Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly stated that the league would issue a statement when appropriate. The New Jersey Devils granted indefinite leaves of absence to McLeod and Foote without providing a reason, while the Calgary Flames announced that Dube was on indefinite leave to focus on his mental health.

As the situation continues to unfold, London Police have scheduled a news conference for Monday to address the ongoing investigation. However, they have declined to provide any updates before the conference, in response to a report from Canadian network TSN naming the five players facing sexual assault charges.

The allegations against these NHL players have sent shockwaves through the hockey community, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of athletes. The public eagerly awaits further information from the authorities and the NHL as this troubling case progresses.


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