Newport News, Virginia Man on Trial for Disappearance of Wife Amidst Divorce Proceedings

Newport News, Virginia Man on Trial for Disappearance of Wife Amidst Divorce Proceedings

Adrian Lewis, a Virginia man, is currently on trial in Newport News for first-degree murder and using a firearm in commission of a felony in connection to the 2022 disappearance of his wife, Shanitia Eure-Lewis. Despite her body not being found, Lewis is being charged with murder, which is a rare occurrence in Virginia state history.

During the trial, the pastor of Shanitia’s church, Dwight Riddick, testified that Lewis had called him after Shanitia was last seen alive and said, “I just hope she rots in hell.” Witnesses also testified that the couple was experiencing marital problems, and Lewis believed that Shanitia was cheating on him. He had previously stated that he would kill her if that were the case.

Mitchell Foreman, a friend of the couple, revealed that Lewis had expressed suspicions of Shanitia’s infidelity and had said, “I can’t let her walk away from this.” Shanitia’s longtime friend, Tiffany Foreman, testified that Shanitia had expressed her desire for a divorce just five days before she disappeared.

On the day Shanitia vanished, she attended the morning service at her church and told Tiffany, “I’ll be right back.” However, Tiffany never heard from her again. Jurors were shown a video of Shanitia speaking during the service.

Virginia State Police issued an Ashanti Alert after Shanitia was reported missing. Court documents revealed that Lewis had called Shanitia’s sister on the morning of her disappearance, claiming she was having an affair. He asked her sister to continue caring for Shanitia’s children. Shanitia’s sister had been looking after the kids since July 14, 2022, when Shanitia brought them to her for safekeeping after Lewis made suicidal statements.

Shanitia’s sister attempted to contact her after speaking with Lewis but only received texts from her. Later that day, Shanitia’s sister noticed Lewis’ truck parked next to a dumpster and saw him disposing of various items, including a shovel with dirt, a brown purse, sandals, a blanket with a suspected handprint, and several documents. Blood was later discovered in the passenger seat of Lewis’ truck.

Adrian Lewis told the police that the blood came from one of his dogs, which had been shot by a neighbor. However, detectives confirmed that both dogs were healthy and had no gunshot wounds. The day after Shanitia’s disappearance, Lewis purchased a plane ticket to Jamaica but was apprehended at Washington Dulles International Airport. Shanitia’s passport and credit cards were found in his possession.

The trial resumed with further testimonies on Wednesday.


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