Newly Released Body Camera Video Shows Fatal Shooting of Woman

Newly released body camera footage reveals a deadly shooting incident in Westminster, Colorado. The incident occurred on July 25, when a police officer encountered an SUV parked in the wrong direction on the road. The officer, identified as Nick Adams, approached a forward-facing Jeep to inquire about the situation.

The woman inside the Jeep, later identified as 46-year-old Alicia Duran, initially refused to roll down her window. After some persistence from Officer Adams, Duran reluctantly complied but refused to answer his questions. Adams repeatedly asked if she was okay and why she was in the wrong lane, but Duran remained silent.

When Adams asked if Duran needed an ambulance, she finally responded. However, when he inquired whether she had been drinking, she reverted back to silence. At this point, Duran reached for something in her middle console, prompting Adams to ask what it was. He soon realized it was a gun.

Adams grabbed Duran’s arm, but she pulled away. In response, Adams shot at her. He immediately called for backup and instructed Duran to stay still. When additional officers arrived, Adams secured the gun and attempted to remove Duran from the vehicle. However, she was unresponsive.

No one inside the nearby parked Jeep was injured, although a bullet struck the windshield. Adams apologized to the individuals in the Jeep before expressing his remorse for the incident. He explained that Duran had refused to communicate with him and had reached for the gun, causing him to fear for his safety.

Author: CrimeDoor

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