New Report Reveals DHS Secretly Approved Flights of 33,000 Illegal Immigrants to New York Region

A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies has shed light on the Department of Homeland Security’s secret approval of flights bringing 33,000 illegal immigrants directly to the New York region from foreign airports. This revelation adds another layer to the ongoing migrant crisis in the city, which has already strained taxpayer resources.

While Mayor Eric Adams has been quick to blame Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the influx of migrants, this report highlights the role played by President Joe Biden in exacerbating the situation. The report reveals that the Biden administration has done little to enforce border laws, leading to an unsustainable number of illegal immigrants flooding into Texas and other southern states.

One of the immigrants flown directly into New York was Pierre Lucard Emile, a Haitian man who was recently accused of raping a developmentally disabled teenage girl. The administration reportedly authorized his flight from Haiti into John F. Kennedy International Airport as part of the immigrant flights program. Despite this, Mayor Adams has chosen to give President Biden a pass on the issue, instead focusing his blame on Governor Abbott.

The report further states that since January 2023, the DHS has approved the flights of over 386,000 immigrants directly from foreign airports into the United States under the “CHNV Program” or the “Advanced Travel Authorization Program.” This program, which was initially intended for Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan immigrants, has expanded to include five other nationalities.

The programs operate based on a legally challenged interpretation of the Immigration and Nationality Act, allowing the president to grant temporary “humanitarian parole” to immigrants in emergency situations on a “case by case” basis. However, the Biden administration has applied this parole authority to a far greater number of foreigners than any previous administration, with over 800,000 immigrants granted parole through both land and air ports.

The administration’s lack of coordination with mayors of big cities like Adams and the absence of transparency regarding the program’s details have raised concerns. The report highlights that the administration denied a Freedom of Information Act request from the Center for Immigration Studies, further indicating its determination to keep the program’s information hidden from the public.

While the report identifies Florida as the largest initial landing zone for these flights, with over 326,000 immigrants arriving through its international airports, Governor Ron DeSantis believes that a significant number of these immigrants are then processed through U.S. Customs and continue onward to cities like New York. This suggests that the number of immigrants reaching New York may be much higher than the reported 33,000.

Mayor Adams, however, seems uninterested in uncovering the true extent of the issue or pressuring the administration to halt the flights. Instead, he continues to place blame on Republicans, ignoring the potential dangers posed by the influx of illegal immigrants within his own city.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. What are the potential implications of the Department of Homeland Security secretly approving flights for illegal immigrants to directly enter the New York region?

  2. Wow, this report is eye-opening! It’s commendable that the Center for Immigration Studies has brought this issue to light. It’s important for the public to be aware of the Department of Homeland Security’s secret approval of flights bringing illegal immigrants to the New York region. This report sheds light on a concerning aspect of immigration policy that needs to be addressed.

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