New Mexico Judge Denies Alec Baldwin’s Motion to Dismiss Civil Suit in “Rust” Case

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A New Mexico judge has denied actor Alec Baldwin’s motion to dismiss a civil suit filed by production crew members of the film “Rust.” The suit stems from the incident on the set of the Western movie in 2021, where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot. While involuntary manslaughter charges against Baldwin were dropped, he could potentially face new charges in relation to Hutchins’ death. Baldwin, who was handling a revolver during an on-set rehearsal, denies pulling the trigger, but ballistic analysis suggests otherwise.

Judge Bryan Biedscheid also declined Baldwin’s request to stay the resolution of the civil suit until the criminal proceedings are concluded. The three plaintiffs, who worked as contractors on the set of “Rust,” accuse Baldwin and his company, El Dorado Pictures, of creating an unsafe environment. They claim damages including hearing loss, temporary deafness, and vibrational shock due to their experiences on the film set. The plaintiffs allege that safety measures were compromised, citing a production schedule that lasted only 21 days.

The crew members further accuse Baldwin of unsafe practices when handling the revolver that caused Hutchins’ fatal injury. They claim that Baldwin did not verify the revolver’s safety, failed to check for ammunition in the chamber, and accepted the weapon without ensuring it was a “cold gun.”

Baldwin’s attorney, Robert Schwartz, criticized the ruling against dismissing the suit, describing it as an “unnecessary” and “real injustice.” Schwartz also highlighted the 16-month gap between the incident and the filing of the suit as untimely. New Mexico special prosecutor Kari Morrissey stated that no final decision has been made regarding potential criminal charges against Baldwin.

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