NBA Player Miles Bridges Faces New Allegations of Domestic Violence

NBA Player Miles Bridges Faces New Allegations of Domestic Violence

Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges is facing new allegations of domestic violence. An arrest warrant has been issued for Bridges, accusing him of violating a domestic violence protective order. The incident in question occurred during a custody exchange involving the mother of his children in January. According to the police report, Bridges allegedly threw billiard balls at his ex-girlfriend’s car, damaging her windshield, and threatened to withhold child support payments. The children were present during the alleged incident.

As a result, Bridges has been charged with violation of a domestic violence protective order, misdemeanor child abuse, and injury to personal property. These charges come after Bridges turned himself into police in Los Angeles a year ago and was charged with one felony count of injuring a child’s parent. He was later sentenced to three years probation.

The NBA and the Charlotte Hornets have faced criticism for their handling of Bridges’ previous legal issues. Some argue that his actions, particularly those involving the mother of his children, should have resulted in his removal from the league. However, the NBA issued a suspension and the Hornets signed Bridges to a one-year, $7.9 million contract.

The recent allegations against Bridges have reignited the debate about his place in the NBA. Critics argue that keeping him in the league sends a message that the NBA does not prioritize the well-being of women. Supporters of Bridges, on the other hand, believe that he should be given the opportunity to face the consequences of his actions while fulfilling his contractual obligations.

The situation is ongoing, and it remains to be seen how the NBA and the Charlotte Hornets will respond to the new allegations against Miles Bridges.


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