Navy Veteran Brutally Attacked and Robbed in Philadelphia Neighborhood

A Navy veteran, Scott Harris, was hospitalized after being brutally attacked and robbed in his Philadelphia neighborhood. The incident occurred on Saturday night when Harris, 62, was walking his dog near a large party taking place in a park. Authorities are currently investigating the unprovoked attack.

Harris suffered a brain injury, broken teeth, and facial bruising in the assault, which left him unconscious. He has no memory of the incident. His wallet, containing his ID and credit cards, was also stolen. Harris spent three days in the hospital, receiving over 100 stitches for his injuries.

In an interview with WTFX, Harris shared his overseas deployments and expressed shock at the attack. He served in Iraq for a year and spent two years in the Navy. Joseph Hurchick, who lives with Harris, praised the actions of three good Samaritans who helped Harris and brought him back home after the crime.

Hurchick is now calling for increased police presence in their neighborhood, stating that local authorities have been unresponsive to their concerns about safety in the nearby park. He emphasized the need for proactive policing to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.


Author: CrimeDoor

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