Nashville Mayor Launches Investigation into Release of Transgender Shooter’s Writings

Nashville Mayor Launches Investigation into Release of Transgender Shooter’s Writings

Metro Legal Director Wally Dietz is spearheading an investigation to uncover the origin of the leaked writings from the Covenant School shooter, which were subsequently shared with the public by podcaster Steve Crowder on Monday morning.

Steve Crowder posted three images of the writings on social media, triggering a series of reactions. Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell initiated an investigation, labeling the leaker as a “viper,” while the Uvalde Foundation For Kids called for a boycott of Crowder’s podcast.

Dietz is taking the lead in identifying the source of the leak, and Mayor O’Connell has confirmed that Metro Legal has engaged with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in this matter. Simultaneously, the Metro Nashville Police Department has launched its own internal review.

O’Connell has refrained from viewing the leaked images, citing the recent trauma experienced by the city. He emphasizes the importance of protecting the interests of Covenant families and the victims, many of whom are children. O’Connell underscores the ongoing legal process and the need to investigate the potential illegal release of these images.

He stated, “At this point, I can’t even comment on the veracity of what has been out there. I have not looked at these images, and don’t plan to. I think if anything, where this has taken me is if we expect the legal process to play out, and at some point very likely, the court will find one of two things: either the victims have the right to protect these and then it will be up to how many unauthorized images get leaked or they will be classified as public documents and they will be released in whole. But I, like our Metro Nashville Police Department, am trying to follow the law and make sure we don’t further injure victims of this horrible incident.”

He emphasizes the importance of letting the legal process unfold while upholding public safety and victims’ rights.

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