Nashua, New Hampshire Shooter Presents Rap Music in Court Claiming Insanity Defense

Dale Holloway

In a Nashua courtroom, Dale Holloway, 41, who was found guilty of attempted murder and several assault charges, presented a unique element to his insanity defense: his own rap music. Holloway, representing himself, played the recordings to the jury on Wednesday to demonstrate his mental state, claiming he was grappling with demonic forces and auditory hallucinations at the time of the 2019 offenses.

The jury had previously convicted Holloway on Tuesday for the shooting of a bishop and the assault on a bride and groom at the New England Pentecostal Ministries in Pelham, New Hampshire. As the sentencing phase progresses, Holloway has endeavored to prove that his actions stemmed from a mental disease or defect.

During his presentation, Holloway shared with the jurors that among the voices he heard was that of Satan. He expressed through his music that he felt compelled by satanic influence to act in ways he otherwise would not.

The shooting incident took place in October 2019, nearly two weeks following the murder of Holloway’s stepfather, who served as a pastor at the same church and was killed by the groom’s son. The son was subsequently convicted of murder. A memorial service for Holloway’s stepfather was scheduled at the church on the same day as the wedding, a point of contention Holloway highlighted in his closing statements.

Prosecutor John Harding III, in his closing argument, painted a starkly different picture, stating Holloway’s intent was to commit murder, evidenced by his approach to the wedding party with a loaded gun.

In addition to his current trial, Holloway is already serving a sentence of 7 1/2 to 15 years for assaulting his attorney. A forensic psychologist was brought forward by Holloway, diagnosing him with PTSD and paranoid personality disorder. However, she noted that this diagnosis was based on a preliminary assessment rather than a comprehensive evaluation.

Bishop Stanley Choate suffered a chest wound, while bride Claire McMullen was shot in the arm during the tragic event. Holloway was convicted of attempted murder for shooting Choate and faced two counts of second-degree assault for injuries to Choate and McMullen, and additional charges, including the simple assault of the groom, Mark Castiglione. He was acquitted of the attempted murder charge concerning McMullen’s shooting.

The case has drawn connections to a broader web of violence, as authorities revealed that Castiglione is the father of Brandon Castiglione, who was convicted of the second-degree murder of Holloway’s stepfather, Luis Garcia, with no definitive motive established for that crime. He was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 42 years in prison earlier this year.

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