Naked Man Arrested at Fort Lauderdale Airport After Bizarre Stroll Through Terminal

A fully naked man was apprehended at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) on Monday after he brazenly walked through the terminal, causing chaos among passengers and airport staff. The incident, captured on video, unfolded as Martin Evtimov, 36, parked his car on the airport sidewalk before entering the building in his birthday suit.

Footage from inside Terminal 1 shows Evtimov casually strolling through the check-in lanes, with startled passengers quickly diverting away from the nude man. Despite the presence of several Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents, Evtimov managed to make his way to the TSA security line, where he incoherently engaged with staff.

As onlookers watched in disbelief, Evtimov diverted from the screening area and attempted to access a door marked “Restricted Access.” Eventually, he reached the baggage inspection line, where sheriff deputies and additional TSA agents intercepted him. However, Evtimov allegedly resisted arrest, leading to a brief struggle before he was finally subdued.

Court documents reveal that Evtimov faces multiple charges, including resisting arrest with violence, battery on law enforcement (two counts), exposure of sexual organs, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and disorderly intoxication. He was subsequently booked into Broward County Jail on a $3,500 bond.

During his court appearance, Evtimov was informed by a judge that he is banned from FLL. In addition, he was ordered to undergo a mental health screening and prohibited from consuming alcohol or drugs.

The incident has sparked a mix of shock and amusement among social media users. Some questioned whether Evtimov’s behavior should be considered suspicious, while others made light-hearted comments about the absence of tan lines and the metal detector’s reaction.

This incident is not the first time Fort Lauderdale airport has witnessed such unusual behavior. In a separate incident in September, a woman was captured on video waiting in line for a Spirit Airlines flight with her dress hiked up, seemingly unaware of the exposure.



Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. While this incident at the airport may seem bizarre and shocking, it highlights a potential flaw in airport security systems. Instead of solely relying on traditional metal detectors and X-ray machines, airports should consider implementing advanced body scanning technology.

    These body scanners use millimeter-wave imaging or backscatter X-ray technology to create a detailed image of a person’s body, without revealing any explicit details. By using these scanners, airport security personnel can quickly identify any concealed objects or weapons, even if they are hidden under clothing.

  2. While the incident of a fully naked man at the airport may have caused chaos and discomfort among passengers and staff, it is important to consider the potential underlying reasons for such behavior. Instead of immediately labeling this individual as a troublemaker or a threat, we should approach the situation with empathy and understanding.

    It is possible that the man was experiencing a mental health crisis or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In such cases, it is crucial to prioritize his well-being and ensure that he receives the appropriate

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