Mysterious Disappearance of Australian-American Woman in San Diego Raises Concerns

In a perplexing turn of events, the search for 25-year-old Australian-American woman, India Delilah O’Hanlon, has intensified after she went missing under suspicious circumstances in San Diego. Concerns have been raised about her well-being, as she was last seen exhibiting signs of distress during a video chat with her parents.

According to her father, Creed O’Hanlon, India appeared agitated and distracted during the conversation, which took an alarming turn when an unidentified male entered the frame. India’s demeanor immediately shifted, and she abruptly ended the call, leaving her parents worried and unable to reach her since.

Creed O’Hanlon expressed his fears that his daughter may be in danger, emphasizing that she left behind essential personal belongings such as her Social Security and credit cards. He also voiced his disappointment with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, claiming that their initial response was dismissive and failed to acknowledge the potential risks India might be facing.

Friends and coworkers of India reached out to her parents in Morocco, only to discover that they were the last ones to have any contact with her. Over the past few months, India’s behavior had noticeably changed, with her parents noting a departure from her usual disciplined and health-conscious lifestyle.

India’s case has now been transferred to the San Diego Police Department, who are actively working to establish a timeline of events leading up to her disappearance. The family has also enlisted the help of a private investigator to aid in the search.

While details remain scarce, India’s Instagram profile offers glimpses into her social life, often seen enjoying drinks and exploring the city with friends. Her last post, made 14 weeks ago, hinted at personal struggles, stating, “It’s been a weird one and I am definitely not OK,” accompanied by a secret laugh emoji. Her profile description further describes her as “socially incapable, but hanging in there.”

As the investigation unfolds, India’s parents have expressed their gratitude to those who have responded to their plea for help. They remain hopeful that the combined efforts of law enforcement and the public will lead to India’s safe return.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding India Delilah O’Hanlon’s disappearance have captivated the attention of concerned individuals, highlighting the need for a swift resolution to this unsettling case.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. While it is indeed concerning that India Delilah O’Hanlon has gone missing, it is important to approach the situation with caution and not jump to conclusions about suspicious circumstances. It is possible that there may be a logical explanation for her disappearance that does not involve foul play. It is crucial to allow law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough investigation before making any assumptions. Speculating about suspicious circumstances without concrete evidence can lead to unnecessary panic and misinformation.

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