Mysterious Deaths Unfold in Kansas City: Jordan Willis Detained as Bodies Found in Backyard

A Kansas City neighborhood was rocked by the discovery of three bodies in the backyard of Jordan Willis’ home. The incident unfolded on January 9, leaving the community in disbelief and searching for answers.

Neighbor Ashton Brady captured a video showing a handcuffed and distressed Jordan Willis being detained on his porch that fateful night. The video, although brief, sheds light on the heavy police presence that surrounded Willis’ residence for over an hour before Brady retired to bed.

According to Brady, the ordeal began when a distressed woman hurriedly left Willis’ house and made a frantic phone call. It was later revealed that she was McGeeney’s fiancée, who had dialed 911 for a welfare check after being unable to reach Willis or her partner. She discovered the first body after breaking onto Willis’ property, knocking on the door, and even shouting his name before making the horrifying discovery.

As the police response intensified, Brady witnessed the growing number of patrol cars and officers surrounding Willis, who was initially shirtless and later provided with a jacket. The lights inside the house remained off, but officers’ flashlights could be seen through the windows as they conducted their search. The presence of lights in the backyard added to the mystery surrounding the incident.

After approximately an hour and a half, both the distressed woman and Willis were taken away in police cars. Brady noted that Willis was eventually uncuffed, as he could see his arms moving. Another neighbor, Maya Dukes, confirmed the continued police presence at Willis’ home until the early hours of the next day.

The tragic nature of the events only became apparent to Brady the following day when his roommate informed him of the extent of the tragedy. The discovery of the bodies has left the families of the deceased men devastated, with questions surrounding the circumstances leading to their deaths.

Speculation and theories have emerged within the community, with Brady expressing his own thoughts on the matter. He finds it peculiar that if the deaths were due to an overdose, no one called for help. Brady also mentioned the unusual positioning of the victims’ vehicles, which were parked in an atypical spot on the street.

The Kansas City Police Department has stated that the deaths are not being investigated as homicides, and Willis is not considered a suspect. However, toxicology reports are pending, and the full autopsy reports will not be released for several weeks.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Willis checked himself into a rehab facility, acknowledging his addiction and facing it head-on. He has since moved out of his house, with his belongings being placed in storage. Willis continues to cooperate with the police investigation.

The Kansas City community remains shaken by the mysterious deaths, desperately seeking answers and closure for the families affected by this heartbreaking event.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. The discovery of three bodies in the backyard of Jordan Willis’ home is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure chest in the middle of a quiet forest. The shock and surprise of finding something so unexpected and significant in an otherwise ordinary and peaceful setting can be compared to the impact this discovery had on the Kansas City neighborhood.

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