Mysterious Death and Elaborate Fraud Scheme Uncovered on Kingswood Road

Mysterious Death and Elaborate Fraud Scheme Uncovered on Kingswood Road

In a shocking turn of events on Kingswood Road in Sherman Oaks, a quiet neighborhood was rocked by a mysterious death and an elaborate fraud scheme. The story unfolded as neighbors grew concerned about the disappearance of Charles Wilding Jr., a reclusive resident of the area. Their worries intensified when Caroline Herrling, a bubbly redhead, took up residence in Wilding’s home and claimed to be the trustee of his estate.

The residents of Kingswood Road, known for their close-knit community, became suspicious of Herrling’s actions. She assured them that Wilding was fine and had relocated to a beach house in Carpinteria. However, it was later revealed that Wilding had been deceased for several months, and none of Herrling’s claims were true.

Wilding, a lifelong resident of Kingswood Road, was described as a shy and reclusive man. After his mother’s passing in 2017, he became even more withdrawn, rarely seen outside his home. Concerned neighbors had tried to offer assistance, but Wilding politely declined their help.

Herrling’s sudden appearance and her remodeling activities raised eyebrows among the neighbors. When the police were called for a welfare check on Wilding, Herrling presented herself as the trustee of his estate. She claimed that Wilding was staying with friends and provided a landline number that supposedly forwarded to his cellphone. However, subsequent investigations revealed that the number was fake, and Wilding could not be reached.

As the investigation deepened, Detective Mark O’Donnell discovered a web of lies and forgeries surrounding Herrling. Court filings allegedly naming her as the trustee and beneficiary of the Wilding Family Trust were found to be falsified or forged. It was also revealed that Herrling had engaged in a multi-million dollar fraud scheme, including the sale of a home belonging to another individual using forged documents.

Further investigations led to the arrest of Matthew Jason Kroth, a suspected co-conspirator. Kroth admitted to burglarizing Wilding’s home and stealing valuables. He also revealed that Herrling and others had attempted to dissolve Wilding’s body in acid and lye on the rooftop balcony of her apartment. When this failed, they dismembered the body and transported the pieces to the Bay Area. Wilding’s remains have never been found.

Herrling, known for her elaborate facade and dyed red hair, was found to possess fake and stolen identification documents, drugs, and a cache of firearms. She had also purchased items related to the disposal of a body, indicating a disturbing level of premeditation.

Caroline Herrling pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy, while Matthew Jason Kroth pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. The U.S. Justice Department estimated the total value of their scheme to be nearly $3.9 million.

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