Mutilated Corpses Found in Monterrey, Mexico

Mutilated corpses and severed body parts have been discovered in seven locations across Monterrey, Mexico, including affluent districts. Authorities are currently analyzing the dismembered body parts to determine the number of victims. At least seven bodies and five bags of body parts, some found in cooler boxes, have been confirmed. Messages were left on the remains, and local media reports suggest there may be up to 12 victims.

Gerardo Palacios, the head security official for Nuevo Leon state, stated that the killings appear to be linked to an internal dispute within a drug cartel based in neighboring Tamaulipas. However, he did not specify the exact group involved. Palacios described the situation as an “internal purge” within the organized crime group due to acts of disloyalty.

Drug cartels in Mexico often leave dismembered bodies in public spaces, accompanied by banners threatening officials or rival gangs. This recent discovery in Monterrey evokes memories of the city’s violent past during the 2010s, when it was plagued by drug cartel conflicts, resulting in bodies being left on the streets or hung from bridges.

Monterrey has since transformed into an industrial powerhouse, attracting foreign investors such as Tesla. However, Mexico as a whole has experienced a significant number of murders, with over 420,000 recorded since the launch of a military operation against drug trafficking in 2006. Most of these murders are attributed to organized crime.

Photos circulating in the local press and on social media suggest that the Northeast Cartel may be responsible for the killings as retribution for alleged infiltration of the group. However, the authenticity of these photos has not been confirmed by the attorney general’s office.


Author: CrimeDoor

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