Murder Trial of Kaitlin Armstrong Resumes with Testimony from Prosecution Witnesses

Anna Moriah (left), Colin Strickland (center) and Kaitlin Armstrong (right).

The murder trial of Kaitlin Armstrong, who is accused of fatally shooting cycling star Anna Moriah Wilson, will resume on Monday. Last week, the jury heard from Armstrong’s ex-boyfriend, police, and some of her friends. The trial, which began on November 1, will enter its seventh day of testimony. Prosecutors have not provided a timeline for when they will conclude their case due to a gag order. Several witnesses remain on the list, but it does not guarantee their testimony. The jury has yet to hear about Armstrong’s escape attempt last month. Armstrong is also facing charges of escape causing bodily injury.

Last week, the prosecution presented evidence, including GPS data from Armstrong’s vehicle, which showed that her Jeep was parked near the scene of the shooting and left shortly after. Defense attorneys argued that the videos did not show the driver of the Jeep and that no one saw Armstrong with Wilson. They also claimed that Armstrong’s boyfriend, Colin Strickland, stated that she arrived home shortly after the time of the shooting, which would not have given her enough time to commit the crime.

Armstrong fled to Costa Rica after the shooting, where she used multiple aliases and underwent plastic surgery. The jury also heard testimony about bills for plastic surgery under one of Armstrong’s aliases. Two of Wilson’s friends testified that Armstrong had expressed anger towards Wilson for dating Strickland and had talked about wanting to kill her. The trial will continue with more prosecution witnesses on Monday.


Author: CrimeDoor

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