Multiple Crimes Committed in Campbell, California

A series of criminal incidents occurred in Campbell, California, leaving residents concerned about the safety of their community. The incidents, which include theft, assault, drug possession, and other offenses, took place in various locations throughout the city.

In the 1000 block of South Bascom Avenue, a man was apprehended after stealing merchandise from a store. Upon his arrest, he admitted to the theft and was found in possession of burglary tools, stolen property, drug paraphernalia, and cocaine. Additionally, he was under the influence of a stimulant.

A domestic dispute turned violent in the 100 block of Rose Court, where a woman reported that her boyfriend threw a phone at her during an argument. The suspect fled the scene before the arrival of law enforcement.

In another incident on Lenor Way, an intoxicated man assaulted his 75-year-old mother, highlighting the dangers of substance abuse within families.

A collision at San Tomas Expressway and West Hamilton Avenue led to the discovery of a driver under the influence of a controlled substance. The individual was found in possession of fentanyl and Xanax.

Petty thefts were also reported in the 1000 block of South Bascom Avenue and the 600 block of Laura Drive. In the former case, a transient man stole toilet paper, while in the latter, a woman witnessed her adult son stealing her purse, which contained her car keys. Subsequently, her vehicle went missing.

A violation of a court order occurred in the 700 block of East Campbell Avenue, where a woman reported that explicit pictures of her were distributed without her consent. The suspect, who had an active restraining order against him, had sent the images to numerous individuals.

A lewd act in public involving a controlled substance took place in the 1500 block of West Campbell Avenue. Two employees witnessed a man engaging in inappropriate behavior outside a business. The man, who displayed signs of stimulant use, had multiple felony warrants for his probation.

In the 1700 block of South Bascom Avenue, two women engaged in organized retail theft, stealing merchandise from a store. They were apprehended with the stolen items, and a subsequent vehicle search revealed the presence of cocaine and marijuana.

Further incidents involved the possession of controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, and resisting arrest. These occurred in the 500 block of East Hamilton Avenue and at Kim Louise Drive.

Additional crimes included a purse theft in the 2000 block of Winchester Boulevard, a DUI with possession of methamphetamine in the vicinity of Burrows Road and West Hacienda Avenue, and the unlawful possession of a firearm at South Winchester Boulevard and Williamsburg Drive.

A woman’s attempt to enter a vehicle not belonging to her led to her arrest for violating probation and being under the influence of a controlled substance. This incident occurred on Kim Louise Drive.

In the 1800 block of Los Encantos Court, an argument escalated to the point where the suspect destroyed the victim’s work phone, causing minor injuries. A restraining order was granted in response to this incident.

Lastly, a case of public intoxication occurred at Speedway Gas Station in the 900 block of West Hamilton Avenue, while a battery incident involving multiple violations of domestic violence restraining orders took place on Ravenscourt Avenue.


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