Mother Turns In Son Accused of Lassoing, Dragging, and Raping Woman in Bronx Attack

Mother Turns In Son Accused of Lassoing, Dragging, and Raping Woman in Bronx Attack

In a shocking incident that unfolded in the Bronx, a man has been arrested and charged with first-degree rape, assault, strangulation, sex abuse, public lewdness, and harassment. Kashaan Parks, 39, stands accused of lassoing a woman around the neck with a belt, dragging her unconscious, and subsequently raping her on a Bronx street. The disturbing attack was caught on camera, leaving the victim traumatized and the community in shock.

Beverly Parks, the mother of the accused, has come forward to reveal that she played a crucial role in facilitating her son’s arrest. Exhausted and visibly distraught, Beverly shared that she spent the entire night convincing her “sicko son” to turn himself in to law enforcement. She emphasized her role in ensuring justice was served, stating, “I’m his mother that turned him in. I’m the one that facilitated him being arrested.”

According to Beverly, she received a call from Kashaan’s wife early Friday morning, informing her that he had choked and raped a woman. Beverly immediately took action, relentlessly urging her son to do the right thing. Finally, on Saturday, Kashaan Parks was apprehended by the authorities.

The gut-wrenching video footage captured the masked attacker approaching the victim from behind, brandishing a belt. He swiftly threw it around the woman’s neck, forcefully pulling her to the ground. Subsequently, the assailant dragged her between parked cars and committed the heinous act of rape.

Beverly Parks revealed that her son had been grappling with drinking and drug issues in recent weeks, exacerbated by the recent loss of his father in Belize. Despite these challenges, she emphasized that Kashaan must be held accountable for his actions, regardless of his state of mind. She stated, “He did something wrong and he has to deal with it. Period.”

Kashaan Parks, an unemployed married father of two, had recently relocated back to the Bronx with his family after residing in North Carolina. Police records indicate that he has two prior public arrests, including an alleged assault on a 46-year-old woman and evading payment on an MTA bus.

Expressing remorse for the victim, Beverly Parks extended her hopes for forgiveness. As a woman herself, she acknowledged the gravity of the incident and the lasting impact it would have on the victim’s life. She shared, “Whatever she has to live with, I am going to have to think about that for the rest of my life.”

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