Mother Seeks Answers After Son’s Fatal Shooting by Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper

Mother Seeks Answers After Son’s Fatal Shooting by Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper

A mother is demanding answers after her 28-year-old son, Alejandro Faudoa, was shot and killed by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper three weeks ago. The incident occurred during a traffic stop on the Turner Turnpike in late September. According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, an altercation took place between Faudoa and the trooper, leading to the trooper firing their weapon. Faudoa, the driver of the semi-truck, was fatally shot, while the trooper was unharmed.

Livier Quirino Ramirez, Faudoa’s mother, claims she was never notified of her son’s death and has been unable to obtain clarity on the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Ramirez expressed her frustration with the lack of communication from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and their alleged failure to release her son’s name initially. She also questioned why there is no available camera footage of the incident.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokesperson, Sarah Stewart, stated that the investigating trooper has made contact with an emergency contact listed on Faudoa’s Texas driver’s license. However, the contact informed them that Faudoa’s family resides in Mexico. The trooper attempted to reach out to the family but has been unsuccessful in establishing contact. Stewart added that detailed information regarding the incident cannot be provided until the investigation is complete.

Ramirez continues to seek answers and believes her son is innocent until video evidence is presented. She expressed concerns about the trooper’s actions and the alleged delay in the investigation. Ramirez is determined to remember her son for who he was while awaiting further information.


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