Mother and Child Detained at Gunpoint by Sacramento Police in Case of Mistaken Identity

Mother and Child Detained at Gunpoint by Sacramento Police in Case of Mistaken Identity

An 8-year-old boy and his nine-month pregnant mother, Shanice Stewart, were stopped at gunpoint by multiple Sacramento police officers during their journey to the child’s football practice on October 17. The incident occurred after officers mistakenly identified the boy, Brandon, as a juvenile with two felony warrants, including one for gun possession.

According to Sacramento police, the officers initiated a high-risk stop based on information from helicopter surveillance, as Brandon and his mother were leaving their home. Brandon’s hairstyle and clothing matched the description of the suspect. When the officers approached the vehicle and rolled down the windows, they realized the juvenile inside was not the wanted suspect and subsequently ended the high-risk stop.

Shanice Stewart described the harrowing experience, with officers instructing her to exit the vehicle and raise her hands, leaving her in fear for her life and her son’s. Brandon, not realizing he was the mistaken suspect, became frantic, pleading for his mother to return to the car. The officers eventually released them.

Following the incident, Brandon has been traumatized and expresses anxiety when approaching the highway or encountering police cruisers. He now prefers to ride in the back seat and reminds his mother to drive safely when they see a police car.

The Sacramento Police Department acknowledged the mistaken identity, offered an explanation, and issued an apology to Stewart and her son. The suspect remains at large, and the incident is under review. Stewart is considering legal action against the Sacramento Police Department in response to the traumatic experience.

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